• In the spring of 2020, aka pandemic year 1, a doctor’s appointment culminated in my being told that if I didn’t get my weight and blood sugar under control I would become a Type 1 diabetic.  He recommended counseling, which I had been resistant to, and asked me to meet Kathleen Ruggeri.

    Suffice it to say, I’m now @ 60 lbs. lighter with a blood sugar in the normal range and a decrease in daily medications.  More than that, I am more conscientious with regard to my diet, nutrition and physical activity. I truly feel if I owe all of this to Kathleen.  Her unique ability to adapt to an individual’s needs and personality without being judgmental makes you want to succeed.

    Dealing with a grumpy, old, know it all (I do) had to be a challenge yet my sessions with Kathleen have been the one thing I’ve looked forward in this trying year and are usually the highlight of my week. I look forward to continuing my association with her as I now feel I can have even greater success.

    William J. Hugues
  • When I first met Kathleen I had already lost 35lbs but I know this would’ve been a much harder struggle to continue with her. She is professional and knowledgeable. From the first time I spoke to Kathleen, I could tell that she was a compassionate person and caring person. I was impressed that she screened me to make sure I was “ready” before she would take me. She is like the guardrail on a large windy road and she keeps me safe! I feel like I can tell you truly care. There are many dietitians that are very good, but they don’t seem like they could relate to a 300lb person Sometimes she is more excited than me and I just love it. She is the best!

  • You will never fully understand the gifts that you give to your clients. You will never understand how that warm smile, that hug or that sound of your voice when you squeal with excitement can transform someone’s life. You will never fully understand how the love you have for others has truly transformed their lives

    I came to you a battered broken shell of myself, I am really good at hiding that, but I am so thankful that you made it easy for me to be my authentic self. I had given up on myself and thought the 100+ pounds that I had gained, were just going to be another tragic chapter in my story ever since the horrific accident that left me in constant pain, took away my ability to ever be an RN and left my family splintered. Through your heart and support you sparked a flame into a heart that was dark, cold and broken.

    Through your support I was able to look in the mirror with out bursting into tears, for the first time since that accident. Through your support I was able to feel Good in my own skin. The absolute best part was seeing the smiles on my kids and husband’s faces. They stopped looking at me with sympathy and started looking at me with pride again.