Kathleen Graduated with a Masters Degree in Nutrition at Immaculata University in 2005. This passion has been with Kathleen since she was a young girl.  She’s living an active and healthy life. She is constantly keeping up to speed with the changing work of Nutrition.

Kathleen worked in the Nutrition and Dietetic department at Chester County Hospital.  She had the opportunity to work with many different populations and help with chronic diseases through nutrition.  She has had experience working with weight related diseases that include hypertension, celiac disease, diabetes and more.

In addition to working her own business, she partnered up with two different doctors offices: CMMD PRO+ACTIVE with Christine Meyer MD, and RENEW MEDICAL with Karl Zimmerman.

She has helped many individuals who are trying to lose weight and keep it off with her individualized meal plans.  Kathleen is also an active fitness coach who works with individuals and their fitness levels to help them  get active at their personal level. She works with each person with the dedication and passion to see them through their personal health and wellness journey.